The Workfloor Excavator is a machine for digging circular workfloors. It is not capable of digging out ore veins.

Usage Edit

Dig out enough room to place down the excavator and power it. After place it, supply power, preferably via Laser Power Transmitter.

The excavator will then rotate and break any non-ore or non-machine blocks. Note that ores and machinery will block it's lasers, causing anything behind them to not be removed.

Tips Edit

  • The auto-excavator is automates digging areas to work in. Place it and walk away! even a basic LET can power this item it just requires more time than giving it sufficient power.
  • It doesn't remove ores in it's path. Use the Workfloor Excavator MK2, NanoDisintegrator or Superdig to do that.
  • You can block it by placing machines in it's path, allowing for other extraction patterns.