Description Edit

The Slime Attractor uses Spoiled Organic Remains to lure Slimes into your trap. It's recommended to build a Slime Attractor and trap early so you can begin farming Pristine Faceted Eyes and Pristine Phosphorescent Glands which are rare drops used in crafting blueprints.

Acquired by researching Local Life Forms.

Building a Trap Edit

Here is a guide to build an effective trap.

  • Dig a 5x5m size pit 10-15m deep and place the Slime Attractor at the bottom with a hopper next to it. Set the hopper to "Vacuum Mode" (Shift + E).
    Slime Attractor2
  • Place some ruined organic parts in the hopper to complete the trap. If you're very early into the game, I recommend killing some Slimes with your gun (Default key "V") to gather some Ruined Phosphorescent Glands, although any ruined part will work. Without refrigeration, ruined parts will spoil and become Spoiled Organic Remains which is what the Slime Attractor uses as bait.
  • Now your trap is effectively set. The Slime Attractor will pull spoiled remains from the hopper and begin to lure Slimes. When Slimes go for the bait, they will fall to their death when they hit the bottom of the pit you created. Any loot they drop will be sucked into the Hopper because it's set to vaccum mode. Any ruined parts will spoil after a short time in the hopper and the cycle begins again. If you set it up properly, the trap will be self-sustaining for an extremely long time.

Simple Upgrade Edit

Troubleshooting Edit

  • Slimes will occasionally get stuck due to poor pathing to your trap or a bad spawn location. A well-running trap should have Slimes dying on a regular basis. If that's not the case, walk around your base looking for trouble spots like this.
    Stuck Slimes
  • Like players, Slimes can travel up 1m block heights automatically. Therefore, look for hills and valleys that Slimes may be stuck behind because there isn't a smooth transition in heights and try to smooth it out for them. If it's a large mountain, often a simple tunnel can fix their pathing. Additionally, Slimes can get stuck in 1m tall spaces. Like players, they need 2m tall spaces to move, so either fill in the 1m tall gaps (kill the slime with your gun first), or dig out a 2m space.
  • Try building your Slime Attractor far from your base. Underground floors you've excavated as well as well as terrain damage from SpiderBot can all create unexpected terrain complications for Slimes.