Completing a research project will unlock blueprints for new or improved machinery and upgrades as well as more advanced research projects.

The first few projects only cost Research Points and a small amount of energy and are performed at the Research Station.

More advanced research projects with the description "Requires Laboratory" must be completed through the use of the Laboratory, and will require items such as Experimental Pods, and an extremely high amount of energy to complete.

 Project ListEdit

*Research projects performed at the Research Station are indicated with an asterisk (*). All other projects are done at the Laboratory.

Cheat Sheet / Research Tree Edit

TechTree & Frozen Factory

Research Tree

Tech Tree for Fortresscraft Evolved & Frozen Factory Expansion

Click here for a chart of all research, including recipes unlocked and their material costs. You can also click the image below. (Fortresscraft Evolved - without expansion) This chart is a work-in-progress. If there is incorrect information, please post a comment so changes can be made. Thank you

Alternate version Edit

Research tree made using Python, PlantUML and GraphViz.


Alternate Research Tree