The Power Suit is "The Most Advanced Piece Of exploration equipment Ever Made" and provides the basics for survival in most environments. The planet you have landed on is quite cold and the suit has fair heating facilities, using 1.1 power a second to maintain ~20C inside.

The suit was designed to be highly reconfigurable to match any environment known in the galaxy. Unfortunately the suit was only provided with the most basic of equipment. While exploring the planet you will encounter environments that you cant survive until you make the appropriate upgrades.

  • Cold Caverns - The suit cannot maintain a habitable temperature and you will quickly freeze to death.
  • Toxic Caverns - The suit cannot filter out the toxic gas particles in these caverns

Basic Properties' Edit

Category Value Units
Power Capacity 256 power
Attempted Temperature 20 Celsius

Upgrades Edit

Battery Edit

Heater Edit

At this point in the game there is only 1 suit heater in the game. It protect you from extreme cold environments such as the Cold Caverns.

Name Icon Description
Suit Heater MK1
Suit Heater MK1
Increases suit heating power protecting you from extreme cold.

Air Filter Edit

Changelog Edit

09 jan 2017: Added changelog template
09 jan 2017: Added Suit Heater MK1

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