an overmind

The Overmind is a large four-headed creature which spawns Wasps , Heavies , Bosses , and Tunnel Nukers to attack your base. There are four overminds surrounding your CPH at a distance of several hundred meters, found by following the paths the enemies take. Destroying the overminds is the final goal of the base game.


The overminds are very large stationary creatures with four heads atop long, neck-like stalks. They have unseen tendrils anchoring them to the ground below.  Due to their size, they may be easily visible from your base.


While the Overminds are themselves harmless unless approached, destroying them is necessary to secure the safety of the CPH and, with the Frozen Factory DLC , the Climate Control Centre. Destroying them requires a fully charged Orbital Energy Transmitter and a Orbital Strike Controller. Worm Bosses may be present to protect the area.

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