The Orbital Energy Transmitter, or OET for short, is the end-game building of the base game. This device requires 100 million power to charge.

Constructing the OET Edit

The OET is built 13 tall with a 9x9 base of OET components. This requires in total 1053 blocks making it one of the largest structures in the game!

Using the OET Edit

The OET can take in power from any directly connected power sources, batteries, induction chargers, lasers, turbines, etc. While charging the OET all Threat Reducers are brought offline. As the OET gets further charged, the player's base threat increases. Furthermore, if the CPH gets destroyed while the OET is charging, the OET will lose all of its stored power. Therefore, the player should be prepared to defend against 20k threat waves before initiating the charge of the OET.

Once charged, the player unlocks the ability to play in Rush Mode along with being able to use the Orbital Strike Controller.

Materials Edit

This recipe builds 1 OET component, 1053 of these are needed to fully construct the building

Research Required Edit

Trivia Edit

  • 1002 total people successfully charged the OET by July 24th, 2016. This broke the developers goal of having 1000 people charge the OET. The community was rewarded with an updated to superbuild that allowed it to work with conveyors.

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