The Jet Turbine Generator is a more advanced method of generating power from fossil fuels. It requires High Energy Composite Fuel produced from an Empty Fuel Canister and Biomass Growth or Refined Liquid Resin in a Refinery Vat. The Jet Turbine Generator can be fed with High Energy Composite Fuel stored in hoppers from the sides and the top of the turbine, but not the front and back where the intake and exhaust are. Likewise, power is outputted to the sides and top, but not the intake or exhaust.

To construct a Jet Turbine place 36 housing components 3m high on a 4m x 3m base. Then construct a 3m x 3m intake on either housing face of the same size.

  • Peak Power (rapid): 1822.67 power per second at 200k rpm
  • Peak Power (scarce): 182.27 power per second at 200k rpm
  • Burn Time: 30 seconds

power per fuel canister (scarce) 5,468.1

Known Bugs Edit

  • When on a server, place the last block using Build2Me (hold down CTRL)
  • When the turbine can't find a hopper to offload an empty fuel canister to, it will stop generating power, but will still say it is when hovering over it, and give no indication of what the issue is.

Changelog Edit

05 april 2017: Added machine template, updated description and added required research