The Geothermal Generator is the T4 power generator and requires the Frozen Factory Expansion. The machine is built as a 5wx3hx5d multiblock for 75 blocks total and it needs to be placed in the Cold Caverns and then fed Heat Conducting Pipes in order to reach the Magma Caverns. The amount of energy it creates is increased the deeper the pipes go until it reaches the optimal point at which point it will no longer lay pipes.

The power produced by this machine can be greatly increased by giving it Compressed Freezon Canisters. These canisters give it a temporary boost for 30 seconds. Note that the amount of time the canister lasts does scale with the amount of power being drawn from the machine, less power being used will cause the boost to last longer.

The amount of power this machine produces is dependent on difficulty. The following power amounts assume that the geothermal has the maximum number of pipes:

Power Settings Boosted Unboosted
Scarce 2734 137
Plentiful/Casual 5468 273
Rush 21875 1093

Notes Edit

  • Placing the Geothermal anywhere other than the cold layer produces about 35% of the cold cavern power.
  • The Geothermal will attempt to place pipes to around -1120, but power production doesn't increase past -1040ish.