Welcome to the Fortresscraft Evolved Wiki. This wiki was created and is maintained by fans of the game and is not sponsored by or endorsed by the game's developers. If you are a new player take a look at the getting started guide for a crash course in world creation and early game progression. If you are looking for information about a specific topic or machine use the links below.  Thanks for visiting!

Crafting Items Edit

Mining & Excavation

Ore Extractor-0



Storage & Logistics

Conveyor Belt

Suit Upgrades & Research
Suit Power Pack MK1
Base Defense
Pop Up Turret
Organic & Misc
Blue GlowPod
Machine Parts
Basic PCB-0
Assembly Machines
Stamper Plant
Aesthetic Objects
Hello Kitty1
Self Crafting
Test arm

For a full alphabetical list of all Machines and Items click here: Machines, Items

Useful Information Edit

Build Gun V2
Research Station-0
Basic Blocks
Refined Liquid Resin
Commonly used acronyms

News & Updates

  • V14 Bleeding edge notes here.
  • Patch 13 - Added October 28th - Check out more information here.
  • DJArcas, the developer, streams his development here.
  • Switched over to Unity 5.4 with patch 12 - The game is going to get even better!

Community & Useful Links

Official Website

Steam Community

Steam Forums

Unofficial Teamspeak 3 server


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About FortressCraft Evolved

The original FortressCraft was one of the best-selling Indie games of all time released on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. FortressCraft Evolved grows from this powerful base, giving access to incredibly detailed and epic Creative building, with 2 different modes, Creative Mode and Survival Mode, each offering a different way to play the game. Relax and design anything your mind can imagine, or dig deep into the core of this strange alien planet to research strange materials and use your surroundings to survive from enemies and the strange weather found not just on the surface, but deep underground.

 About The Wiki

This is the community wiki for the game FortressCraft Evolved. It will be kept up to date and contain all the information about the game you could possibly need! The page is currently under construction on a daily basis and over time will be filled with even more information, please check back at a later date to see what's new, This section will change over time from "About the Wiki" to "Latest Wiki Updates" with information on all new pages and information added as well as what is currently being worked on at this time, eg : Ores and Machines  are just some of the things currently being worked on.

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