Description: "Experimental pods are used in a laboratory to conduct experiments and complete research projects."

Experimental pods are crafted from 6 Plates and 2 PCBs in the Research Assembler and used in the Laboratory to complete research projects.

List of Experimental Pods
Name Materials Image
Basic Experimental Pod Copper Plate + Basic PCB
ResearchPod Basic
Simplified Experimental Pod Tin Plate + Primary PCB
ResearchPod Simplified
Intermediate Experimental Pod Iron Plate + Hardened PCB
ResearchPod Intermediate
Complex Experimental Pod Lithium Plate + Charged PCB
ResearchPod Complex
Advanced Experimental Pod Gold Plate + Conductive PCB
ResearchPod Advanced
XL Experimental Pod Nickel Plate + Fortified PCB
ResearchPod XL
Ultimate Experimental Pod Titanium Plate + Lightweight PCB
ResearchPod Ultimate

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