The CryoPlasm Melter when supplied with X PPS takes solid cryoplasm and turns it into liquid cryoplasm. This can be used to make cryoplasm blocks flow into a large pit or to get it closer to a CryoPlasm Lancer or to flow it into the range of a CryoPlasm Dazzler Turret.

This defence has a slightly longer range than the lancer and also fires much quicker compared to a lancer without freezon injection.

Tips Edit

  • A Dazzler and melter combination has a longer range than a lancer and takes less power per a block of cryoplasm destroyed when the Dazzler targets a large number of blocks. This can be used to quickly clear out a large tunnel leading to the spawner.
  • Combining the melter with a lancer is inefficient as you are using both the power for the melter and the power for the lancer when the lancer itself it enough to destroy the cryoplasm. However this can be used to clear areas further out.