The Construction Paste Grinder is a machine which produces Construction Paste using garbage. It requires no power and produces 1 paste per block ground.

Usage Edit

Like most machines the Construction Paste Grinder requires Hoppers for input and output. It's best used in combination with the Garbage Thief, which will remove and store unwanted Blocks into adjacent Hoppers ready to be turned into Construction Paste.

Later in the game, a Quarry is a great way to gather lots of Construction Paste due to the huge amount of natural blocks it digs up. Since Coal can also be turned into paste, mining surplus coal ore veins is a fast way to gather material for Aesthetic Blocks early on.

Blocks used for Construction Paste Edit

Most natural blocks are considered garbage and can be used by the Construction Paste Grinder. The only exceptions are plants found on the surface or in caves, tree trunks and all ores besides Coal.

Here is a list of all blocks that can be turned into construction paste:

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