All commands can be used in the Dev console, don't use the / in the console though, so /kill becomes kill.

Chat Commands (Press "enter" to accees)
/waypoint add <Name> Adds a named waypoint at your player position
/waypoint remove <Name> Removes the waypoint
/coords Displayes your cordinates on screen
/afk Player will not take damage. Does not prevent CPH damage, or pause the game - ore/smelters/attacks/hiveminds will continue to run
/teleport 0 0 0 Teleports the player to the specified co-ordinates. Note that this is considered a cheat command and will result in a long purple screen, and will say the player is cheating in the chat. Use Teleporters for a legitimate method.
/debug Opens the debug menu
/kill kills the player
/yourcraft Inverts the build/destroy buttons. For those players who prefer Minecraft defaults.
/missions Hides the missions system, this is not recommended!
/detail sun Disables / Enables the sun.
/detail shadow Disables / Enables shadows.
/detail greenscreen Unknown
/detail bloom Disables and Enables bloom.

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