Camo bot hidden

While idle CamoBots take the form of regular blocks.

Camo bot attacking

A CamoBot ready to attack the player.

Camobots are monsters that spawn underground and, when hostile, can hit very hard (75 damage).


Camobots are mostly found in and near the Cold Caverns though they can be found most anywhere, including the surface. The often appear as motionless blocks closely resembling the terrain, hence their name. They will usually only move when the player isn't looking or when the player is far away.

Camobots are neutral creatures by nature and will attempt to seek out power sources nearby to feast on their power. However when they start feasting, Turrets will actively shoot them to protect your Power Storage Blocks. Feasting camobots will eminate a spark-like aura.


Upon the player shooting the camobots, they turn hostile but nearby Turrets can assist you with killing them. Otherwise they are pretty easy to take out with the Raygun as long as you keep your distance.

Drops between 1 and 4 Organic Rocks