This is a listing of all blueprints that can be crafted from the Base Defense tab. Click on an item for more detailed information such as crafting cost, required research and usage.

For a general guide on base defense, please see Guide: Base Defense.

Threat Control Edit

Name Icon Description
Threat Scanner
Threat Scanner
Estimates the threat generated by your base and warns of attacks.
Server Monitor
Test arm
Provides a readout of base statistics (most of which contribute to your threat level).
Threat Reducer Lowers your threat level by a small amount.
Threat Agitator Increases your threat level.
Hard Resin Detector
Hard Resin Detector
Shows the direction of the currently active Hivemind.

Classic Defense Weapons Edit

These weapons are included in the base game.

Name Icon Description
Defense turret that must be operated by ARTHER.
Turret MK1
Pop Up Turret
Basic energy-based turret.
Turret MK2
Pop Up Turret MK2
Improved version of Turret MK1.
Turret MK3
Pop Up Turret MK3
Long-range, high damage turret.
Missile Turret MK1
Missile Turret MK1
High damage missile defense system.
Empty Missile Assembler
Basic Missile Assembler
Manufactures empty missiles.
Missile Fueller
Missile Fueller
Fuels empty missiles.

SpiderBot Weapons Edit

Name Icon Description
SpiderBot Base Component
Spiderbot Base Component
Used to construct a base for SpiderBot. The first step to getting SpiderBot to defend you.
SpiderBot Blaster
SpiderBot Defences 3
Preferred target is Wasps. Deals 10 damage per shot. All three weapons can be equipped.
SpiderBot Cannon
SpiderBot Defences 2
Preferred target is Heavies. Deals 500 damage per shot. All three weapons can be equipped.
SpiderBot Particle Rifle
SpiderBot Defences 1
Preferred target is Bosses. Deals 1,500 damage per shot. All three weapons can be equipped.

Frozen Factory Defense Weapons Edit

These weapons are specifically designed to handle new threats from the Frozen Factory DLC.

Name Icon Description
CryoPlasm Lancer
CryoPlasm Lancer
The basic CryoPlasm defence
CryoPlasm Melter Turn solid CryoPlasm into liquid
Goes off when CryoPlasm touches it
CryoPlasm Dazzler Turret Long Range directed heavy defense
FALCORs that can drop cryo bombs