The Auto Excavator is a machine for digging large vertical shafts from below. It is not capable of digging out ore veins. It will not destroy nor remove any machinery.

Usage Edit

Place the auto-excavator at the bottom. It will need to be supplied with power from a Laser Energy Transmitter (LET) or an other power sources and it will dig a 3x3 shaft straight up with a maximum hight of 512 blocks.

Tips Edit

  • The auto-excavator is automates digging shafts. Place it and walk away! even a basic LET can power this item it just requires more time than giving it sufficient power.
  • It doesn't remove ores in it's path. use the NanoDisintegrator or Superdig to do that.
  • Need a bigger shaft? Use multiple Auto-Excavators. placing 4 right next to each other in a square will make a 4x4, spread them out a bit and you can get a 6x6 shaft!

    Changelog Edit

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