ARTHER Turret is a long range turret which must be operated by ARTHER to function.

Usage: Edit

To use, highlight the turret and press the interact key (default 'E') to dock ARTHER to the turret.

The turret can either be powered externally or using ARTHER's power reserves. If the turret is powered externally ARTHER will receive sufficient charge to remain there indefinitely. If ARTHER runs out of power he will undock and return to the user.

Specifications: Edit

Range: 64 meters

Damage (per shot): 33 

Power Requirement (per shot): 5 

Maximum Power Capacity: 150

Reload Time: 10 seconds

Materials Edit

Research Required Edit

Tips Edit

While this turret doesn't do a lot of damage and requires that ARTHER is in it to work it can be useful with it's long range to defend against Mynocks during the beginning of a game before other turrets can be powered!

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